What To Do On Valentine’s Day | A List of Ideas

Whether you’re preparing for your first date or planning your 30th Valentine’s together, you need to make it a special occasion. For some, thinking of a new and exciting date night can be difficult; both for those experienced and inexperienced in the dating world. Below, AllSole has listed a range of dating ideas ranging from the classic to the extraordinary…

Romantic Meal

  • Head to your favourite restaurant
  • Go to the restaurant you both first ate together at
  • Celebrate ‘galentines’ day with your best friends
  • Hit up some bars afterwards
  • Head to a restaurant with an experience


Outdoors Activity

  • Couples workouts
  • Outdoor adventures and climbing activities
  • Mountain walks and hikes
  • Create a glamping experience in your garden
  • Toast marshmallows by moonlight


Stay Home

  • Cook heart baked pizzas
  • Create a home scavenger hunt of your partner’s favourite things
  • Splurge on your partner’s favourite food
  • Cook up some sweet treats together
  • Turn your home into a spa
  • Build a cosy fort and have a movie marathon



  • Bowling
  • Cinema or theatre
  • Game night with other couples or friends
  • Karaoke
  • Fun photo shoots
  • Couples massage and spa day
  • Crazy Golf


Take a trip

  • Overnight stay in your favourite city
  • A weekend trip abroad to a romantic destination
  • A trip to the zoo or national parks
  • To a concert or comedy event
  • Visit your favourite art gallery or exhibition


What to wear:

For Him:

For  Her:


By Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed


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