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Explore our handpicked selection of footwear from KENZO, including a variety of styles that incorporate elements of urban style while maintaining a sense of sophistication and elegance.

KENZO is a luxury fashion brand founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada in 1970. It is known for its bold and vibrant designs that blend Eastern and Western influences.

KENZO is celebrated for its use of unconventional patterns, often inspired by nature, art, and cultural references. The brand's footwear designs often feature bold and eye-catching prints, patterns, and colours that reflect the brand's signature playful and vibrant aesthetic.

Our KENZO collection features a diverse range of footwear options, including trainers, sandals, boots, and shoes, for both men and women. Discover unique and unexpected details in KENZO footwear, such as metallic accents, logo embroidery, or embellishments, adding a distinctive touch to its designs.