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Since 1991 in New Zealand, Bobux has been designing and creating children’s shoes for over thirty years. The brand was the brainchild of inventor Chris Bennett, who found it difficult to source appropriate footwear for his baby daughter Chloe and made it his mission to create a pair of soft, comfy shoes to allow her to move her feet naturally. He produced a pair of tiny shoes with soft soles which he ultimately thought other small children could benefit from and started selling them to local markets in Auckland with high demand.

Since then, the brand has expanded across the globe and ventured into developing shoes for children at different stages of their development, reflecting on the shape and need of kids’ feet during their growth stages. 

30 years since their footwear journey began, Bobux still holds close the same values they started with which is comfort, care and love for the environment and the adventurous kids that wear their shoes. Chloe, the little girl who’s first pair of soft sole shoes inspired the creation of the brand, now has Bobux kids of her own!