Festival Style from Coachella

Summer styling from the world’s most fashionable festival.

Although Coachella 2018 weekend one is over, the style lives on. Forget flower crowns, fringed waistcoats and your average cow-boy boots, this year’s style set upped the ante. From camel vinyl two pieces to balaclavas and UGG boots, discover the best dressed from Coachella 2018.








The AllSole Guide to Festival Style

1. Sneaker style is in and a classic pair of kicks is perfect for bouncing about to your favourite tunes.

2. Chunky but funky, not only do a classic pair of heavy soled boots protect against the elements, they also look great with denim shorts or mini dresses.

3. Coachella may be set in the Californian desert but if you’re treading closer to home you’re going to need to invest into something waterproof.

4. Here to stay, the western boot can’t be beaten for achieving that boho glam.

5. Finally, you can’t beat the classics.

Georgia Leitch

Georgia Leitch

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