Styling Dr. Martens for Summer with Starr Clare

Growing up in Manchester, it’s no surprise that Starr Clare’s wardrobe is in part shaped by influences from her musical heroes. From Bowie to Blondie, Starr often draws inspiration from musical style icons of old and her vintage approach to fashion has earned her a considerable social following seeking sartorial inspiration from her looks.

At AllSole, we’ve long been admirers of Starr’s often vibrant, eclectic and always expressive outfits. This Spring/Summer, we’ve been loving the new collection of sandals from Dr. Martens and were excited by the freedom their silhouettes offer for different styling. Knowing Starr’s penchant for the brand, we reached out to see how she approach styling them for Spring/Summer 2018.


Please could you tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey! I’m Starr, I’m 22 and I’m a fashion blogger from Manchester.


What does Dr. Martens mean to you?

To me, whenever I think of Dr. Martens I think British subculture. Attitude, rebellious, individuality, music, fashion and of course coolest boots to have ever come out of Britain!


What were your first pair of Docs?

My first pair of Dr. Martens were the 1461 black smooth shoe. I got them when I was around 16 when I first started going to gigs etc and I must have worn them every day for at least 2 years haha! I still have them now.


Originally a workwear boot that eventually became inseparable with music culture, the modern Dr. Martens collection is expansive and ranges from classic boots to summer-ready styles. Which styles of Dr. Martens will you be looking to this summer?

I’m really liking the Church Vintage Smooth Boot, they’re next on my list!


What is it you love about the brand’s new range of sandals?

Not everybody finds Dr. Martens boots practical for the warmer weather (unless you’re wearing them to festivals of course!) so I think the new range of sandals is great for spring/summertime and there are so many styles to choose from so everyone can find their individual style.


How will you be styling your sandals this season?

I’ll be styling mine with floral dresses as I like my shoe to toughen up girly prints to give it that balance and also I think they will look great with just a pair of jeans and a tee.


Which albums have you got on your radar for summer 2018? / What tracks will you be listening to this summer?

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours is always my favourite summertime album and then there’s the Arctic Monkeys new album which is out now!


Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert