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Which sandals are best for kids?

An essential on every list as the warmer weather kicks in is a trusty pair of sandals. Whether you are buying for sunnier days spent in the garden or for your much-needed vacation, kids love to bare their toes in their favourite sandalsThe one thing that proves difficult is knowing the benefits, different styles and sizing. Taking an in-depth look at the top brands, here’s our guide to which sandals are the best for kids... 
Birkenstock Kids Sandals

#1 Birkenstock 

What Birkenstocks kid's styles are most popular?

Every year Birkenstock create new prints for the kid's range which are always the best selling styles. This year there’s a polka dot print, croc, camouflage and hologram design that are super popular. The best selling style is the Birkenstock Milano style and the Milano EVA which is their synthetic option. 

Birkenstock Fitting

The Footbed Edge Deliberately elevated to protect the toes. Toe Bar Guides the toes, promoting the natural rolling movement of the foot. Cross arch support Help shift pressure from the middle to the front of the foot. Suede Leather Support Creates a healthy climate around the foot. Inner and outer longitudinal arch supports Gives the foot support and provides stability for the heel. Deel Heel Cup Gives the foot a firm hold and maintains the heel profile. Cork Latex Footbed Extremely flexible, providing a uniquely high level of wearing comfort. 
Birkenstock Kids Sandals

Are Birkenstocks Kids true to size?

There are two width options available, narrow and regular. Because children tend to have narrower feet, sometimes it is best to go with the narrow fit because the regular sizes offer more room. When buying it is sometimes easy to buy in the Euro sizes because it is easier to understand. Here’s the Birkenstock kid's size guide to help you… 
24 150 C 6 7,0
25 160 C 7 8,0
26 165 C 8 8,5
27 170 C 9 9,0
28 180 C 10 10,0
29 185 C 11 11,0
30 190 C 12 11,5
31 200 C 13 13,0
32 205 L 1 13,5
33 210 L 2 1,0
34 220 L 3 2,0
35 225 L 4 2,5
36 230 L 5 3,5
37 240 L 6; M 4 4,5
38 245 L 7; M 5 5,0
39 250 L 8; M 6 5,5
40 260 L 9; M 7 7,0
41 265 L 10; M 8 7,5
42 270 L 11; M 9 8,0
43 280 M 10 9,0
44 285 M 11 9,5
45 290 M 12 10,5
46 300 M 13 11,5
47 305 M 14 12,0
48 310 M 15 13,0
49 320 M 16 14,0
50 325 M 17 14,5

What sizes have the back strap?

The younger ages have the strap around the back for extra support. Size 24 - 39. 

What are the benefits of Birkenstock Kids footbeds?

Many of us would jump to the conclusion that a softer and more cushioned footbed would be more comfortable. But the Birkenstock concept is that comfort is based on firm, orthopedically correct support. Similar to a quality mattress, your feet require support and the correct positioning making sure they are healthy and supported for their growth. The Birkenstock footbed features proper arch support, a deep heel cup and adequate room in the toe area. They are designed to distribute weight evenly for the entire foot which improves posture and balance and greater comfort when walking. 

What is the Birkenstock footbed made of?

The Birkenstock footbed is made of resilient cork/latex and is shaped to create a healthy walking environment for their feet. Additionally, the cork/latex blend is pliable and reacts to natural body warmth so will mould to their feet providing more comfort as they wear them in. 

Are Birkenstocks kids waterproof?

While it is best to avoid prolonged exposure to water, Birkenstocks can get wet and still last for years. Many people think that Birkenstocks get ruined if they get wet once or twice in the rain, and this is generally not the case. Simply dry them in a shaded place away from any heat sources.Or if you want a fully waterproof option the synthetic EVA option means your little ones can get in and out of the water with no problems. 

Are their vegan styles in kids?

Yes, there are vegan styles, if the Birkenstock logo is green in the footbed then you know it's vegan. 

#2 Clarks 

What Clarks Kids sandals are most popular?

Clarks' kids' sandals come in an array of colours and prints that reflect the season. The kids' closed-toe collection of sandals is a favourite and the kids' white sandals are a popular colour choice.
Clarks Kids Sandals

Clarks Kids Sizing 

At Clarks, they recommend 14mm growing room for all styles, except for open-toed sandals and Pre-Walking styles from our First Shoes range – for which they recommend 10mm growing room.For the width, feel along the sides of the shoe with your hands. There should be no pressure or pinching at the sides and the child should be able to move their little toe. When checking their foot sizing pull your fingers across the front of the shoe. There should be sufficient depth for comfort. Then, sit your child down and lift the foot tilted up towards you and pull down gently on the back of the shoe. Make sure that it grips the heel well to stop the foot from slipping off and repeat on the other foot. There’s 4 width sizes, E = Narrow Fit F = Standard Fit G = Wide Fit H = Extra Wide Fit Here’s the Clark's size guide to help you… 
Clarks UK Size Clarks EU Size Foot Length (Millimetres)
2 17½ 101
18 105
3 18½ 109
19 113
4 20 117
20½ 122
5 21 126
22 130
6 22½ 134
23 138
7 24 142
25 147
8 25½ 151
26 155
9 27 159
27½ 164
10 28 168
10½ 28½ 172
11 29 176
11½ 29½ 181
12 30 185
12½ 31 189
13 32 193
13½ 32½ 198

#3 Teva 

What Teva Kids sandals are most popular?

The most popular styles include the Hurricane Drift, Hurricane XLT2 and The Original Universal.Hurricane drift – Loved by little ones for its weightless feel, the Hurricane Drift gets a lighter footprint this season, thanks to its recycled EVA construction designed to be comfortable and supportive. Buoyant and boldly hued, this kid's water sandal offers an unsinkable silhouette equipped to outlast summer fun.Hurricane XLT2- With a fresh comfort upgrade, outfitting it with soft heel-strap padding and a new, modern sole featuring even better traction than ever before, finished with Unifil recycled polyester straps.Original Universal – A mini remake of the adult’s Original Universal, this kid-friendly water sandal is geared for outdoor adventures with water-loving straps made from recycled plastic. Geared for free-spirited little ones, easy hook-and-loop closures provide early independence with easy on and off.
Teva Kids Sandals

Are Teva  Kids sandals true to size?

Yes, Teva sandals are true to size. They feature an easy hook-and-loop closure that comes on and off quickly and gets the fit just right. All of our kid's sandals have this feature and open toe shoes for multiple points of adjustability, in order to let you dial in the absolute perfect fit and comfort.Here’s the Teva Size Guide to help you… YOUTH 4-7
UK 13 13.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6
Europe 32 32.5 33/34 34.5 35 35.5 36 36.5 37 37.5 38/39 39.5 40
Japan 20 20.5 21 21.5 22 22.2 23 23.2 23.5 24 24.5 25 25.5
China 200 205 210 215 220 222 230 232 235 240 245 250 255
UK 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 12.5
Europe 28 28.5 29/30 30.5 31 31.5
Japan (CM) 18 18.5 19 19.2 19.5 19.7
China (CM) 180 185 190 192 195 197

What are the benefits of Teva Kids Sandals?

The sandals are made from a lightweight EVA-foam midsole which adds extra cushioning for maximum comfort and supports your little ones' feet on uneven terrain. 

What are Teva sandals made of?

Crafted with quick-dry webbing made from recycled plastic using traceable, verifiable REPREVE® polyester yarn by Unifi® supports your foot and stands up to abuse, grounded in a grippy rubber outsole.

Are Teva Kids sustainable?

The brand Teva has a mission to find more ways for people to lessen their impact and slow down consumer consumption. From making products with recycled materials to lessening our water usage and reducing packaging, Teva throughout their adult and kids range focuses on implementing changes that make a big impact. That’s why all of their straps are made from traceable verifiable recycled plastic using REPREVE yarn.


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