Top 10 Albums of 2016… So Far

We’re already halfway through 2016, and the year already seems to be a bumper year for the album. It has also been a sullen start to the year for the music world, as two of music’s most gargantuan figures from either side of the Atlantic—David Bowie and Prince—passed away so suddenly in January and April. As we breeze past the halfway point, AllSole takes a look at the 10 best albums of 2016 so far.

  1. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    Varmints – Anna Meredith

    Label: Moshi Moshi

    Release Date: 4th March

    With a first class honours and a Master’s degree in Music, Scottish musician Anna Meredith is significantly better known for her classical oeuvres which have seen her pick up several awards and perform to over 40 million people on BBC’s Last Night of the Proms. Varmints is Meredith’s debut attempt at something more like a pop album, and is a complex patchwork of music drawing influence from everything ranging from electronic pop and jazz to avant-garde and her classical roots. Varmints is an experimental treat that has drawn great worldwide critical acclaim.

  2. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    The Life of Pablo – Kanye West

    Label: Def Jam / G.O.O.D. Music

    Release Date: 14th February

    Following a much drawn-out and melodramatic roll-out, The Life of Pablo was welcomed into the world in February with signature bravado at a dedicated celebratory party in NYC’s Madison Square Gardens. With musical involvement from everyone from Rihanna to Paul McCartney, The Life of Pablo proved well worth the weight, packing typically controversial punches while always being overlaid with Kanye’s famous sense of humour.

  3. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    Light Upon the Lake – Whitney

    Label: Secretly Canadian

    Release Date: 3rd June

    Rising from the ashes of the recently disbanded Smith Westerns, Light Upon the Lake is the short, soft, melodic album from Max Kakacek and Julien Ehrlich (also formerly of Unknown Mortal Orchestra). Recorded in Jonathon Rado’s (Foxygen) Californian home/studio earlier this year, the album is a warm, upbeat and finely accomplished album with notable influences from The Byrds and Neil Young.

  4. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    Lemonade – Beyoncé

    Label: Parkwood / Columbia

    Release Date: 23rd April

    Seemingly dropped out of the blue at the tail end of April, Beyoncé’s latest album was quickly pounced on by Queen Bey fans particularly for the open treatment of her marriage with Jay-Z. Later made into a film, Lemonade was also accompanied by a number of outstanding music videos which help to excavate the content of the songs. Lemonade has only cemented Bey’s status as music’s feminist goddess who is currently drawing a devoted crowd on her UK tour.

  5. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    The Colour in Anything – James Blake

    Label: Polydor Records

    Release Date: 6th May

    James Blake’s follow-up to his 2013 Mercury Prize-winning album Overgrown has established the Englishman as one of the finest songsmiths working in contemporary music. Featuring contributions from Bon Iver, Frank Ocean and production work by Rick Rubin, the album clocks in at 76 minutes, every one of which feels merited on an album that is richly textured, varied and deeply original.

  6. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    Kendrick Lamar – untitled unmastered.

    Label: Top Dawg Entertainment / Aftermath Entertainment / Interscope

    Release Date: 4th March

    While great fanfare welcomed Kanye’s TLOP into the world, Kendrick Lamar quickly and quietly released untitled unmastered. A collection of previously unreleased demos recorded during the making of Lamar’s 2015 album To Pimp a Butterfly, this album continues in the same vein as TPAB with its politically tinged, psychological lyrics and experimentation with free jazz, soul, funk and avant-garde music. The fact that even when Lamar sheds his skin he produces albums of this quality only confirms him to be the most talented rap musician working today.

  7. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    Ahoni – Hopelessness

    Label: Rough Trade

    Release Date: 6th May

    Hopelessness is the debut album by Antony and the Johnson’s lead singer Anohni. An electronic/synthpop album full of passionate protest and anger, Hopelessness is an infectious album that grapples with weighty themes ranging from climate change to corporate capitalism, transforming the electronic dance single into a purposeful protest song.

  8. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

    Label: XL

    Release Date: 8th May

    After five long years of waiting and anticipation, England’s most famed alternative rock band dropped their ninth studio album in May only a week after causing a storm by completely erasing their internet presence. As we’ve come to expect from Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool is a sparse, reflective, powerful rock album dealing with love, fears and time through complex musical structures. It has been noted that some of the record’s singles have been lingering in the band’s back catalogue for as long as 20 years, and you can feel this record take you on a musical journey through Radiohead’s three decades in music.

  9. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    Blackstar – David Bowie

    Label: ISO / Columbia

    Release Date: 8th January

    Described as ‘lyrically inscrutable and thrillingly strange’ by Alex Petridis in the Guardian, Blackstar made an immediate impression on Bowie and music fans with its eerie mystique and spellbinding sound. The many faces of its content only grew more complex one week later when David Bowie sadly passed away, adding a dark, weighty new layer of meaning to the songs. The result is a spine-tingling, haunting album that only reinforces the lasting legacy David Bowie has left on music and the world.

  10. Best Albums of 2016 So Far

    Colouring Book – Chance the Rapper

    2016 has been quite a year for 23-year-old Chancelor Bennett, known to his peers as Chance the Rapper. In between co-writing a number of tracks on Kanye West’s TLOP, working on songs with musicians including Macklemore and Skrillex, and meeting President Obama, Chance has found the time to trump his musical peers by crafting probably the most accomplished hip hop, if not musical, album of the year so far. Released as a mixtape exclusively though Apple Music, the album is a gleeful celebration of hip hop layered over with Chance’s clear gospel influences. Colouring Books has confirmed Chance’s status alongside the like of Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples as one of the most exciting acts working in hip hop today.

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