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From Old School Diadora tennis shoes to Clarks’s futuristic take on trainers with the Trigenic Flex, we have an array of options at AllSole for each and every sneaker wearer.  From the hypebeast to the trainer wearing Dad, it’s time to talk styling those fresh, fresh creps.

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Since 2017 there’s only been two major trainer trends on the horizon: the sock sneaker and the dad at the disco, you know the ones we mean, see Balenciaga & Gucci. Whilst, that bold, chunky soled, 90s styles shoe is undeniably a major trend for the forseeable future, the trend has seen new phase. Adopted and adapted by the likes of Acne and Louise Vuitton, the style has taken on a space age dimension, becoming a sci-fi hybrid of their former selves. No matter, we still can’t seem to stray far from our love for that nostalgic sneaker style inspiration this SS18.

What you know bout the Dad crouch?

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Already at the forefront of our crazy shoe brains, the latest season of Stranger thing has well and truly placed Converse on our radar – think Eleven in those classic denim dungarees and Chucks. With mroe collaborations than ever before – PRAISE BE JW Anderson- and a brand new Converse One drop, that awkward transitional period between Winter and Spring is going to be oh-so-simple thanks to our favourite baseball shoes.

From Boris Becker, Björn Borg and Chuck Taylor to Demi Moore and Eleven – if you haven’t watched Stranger Things then, you lose – our sneaker inspiration knows no bounds.  Today, we talk our top 3 rules for styling those sneakers.

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Rule #1 – Coloured socks are an accessory

Whether it be stripes, spots, bold and bright, or textured with frills, ribbed or cuffed there are so many ways to integrate a new colourway into any outfit with a special pair of socks. Easy to do whether you like to clash or match..

Vacation mood.

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Rule #2 – Go-to sneaker styles

Converse, Vans, Puma’s, Diadora’s (we could go on) these sneaker styles never die. Due to their timeless minimalism, their simple yet effective colourways and most importantly their iconic history, whether pioneered as ‘the sporting shoe of its time’ or known world over for their comfort and durability, you cannot go wrong with these. Style them with a matching sock for flavour, or to keep it vintage, incorporate a sports sock for those 80’s vintage sports vibes.

The OG. Premium Suede One Star. @MabelMcvey #RatedOneStar

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Rule #3 – Keep ‘em clean, keep ‘em keen

Now we believe it’s as important to clean your shoes as it is to clean your clothes (ok that might be a slight exaggeration, but we would say that),. If you look after them, you really can make them last. These styles aren’t only timeless because of their iconic history blah blah.. they’re still around and as favoured as ever due to their quality in craftsmanship, their comfort and their ability to become like another limb to you if you treat them right. Come to apocalypse, we’re pretty sure we could repopulate the earth using Nokia 3310 and Converse Allstars. Without wanting to sound like your mum, we recommend some serious TLC, if not always then at least once in a while, to keep your trainers lasting a lifetime and transitioning between outfits and seasons year on year on year.

If you want to know the perfect way to clean anything from nubuck to canvas, check out our guide to cleaning shoes >>

By Alex Neilson-Clark

Alex Neilson-Clark

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