What Shoes to Wear for an Interview

You’ve come this far, and we know as well as you do that it’s only due to hours of countless re-writes and hard work, so the ultimate way to jump the final hurdle is to dress the part and that job can be yours in no time. Interview outfits can be tough and although it can vary depending on the job and industry it’s always important to look smart. Simple suiting may seem easy, but there are a few rules to remember:

Stay smart

As a very quotable source once stated “you can never be overdressed”, prepare for how you’d want to look if the CEO walked in.


Don’t panic, if you’re dressed for success then you’re already half way there.

Remove one

Accessorising may be your key characteristic and there’s nothing wrong with letting this shine a little, but the rule always applies to remove one item once you’re ready to ensure you don’t over-do it!


A smile is the final accessory to any outfit, beam with confidence (but make sure you’ve flossed!).

Alongside these, we’ve gathered a few style tips to ease you in to dressing for that highly aniticipated interview day.

For Women

Although historically the ‘Interview Shoe’ really had to be a low, black heel, as trends take heed from androgyny and 80s suiting it seems SS18 could be the season to get your foot in the door with a slightly more beautiful shoe. Regardless of your casual preference, your style of shoe for a job interview should remain professional and understated and a mid-height, closed-toe pump is a safe choice that may be just perfect for you, however if you are a bold dresser you can easily stay smart without losing sight of you. Remain understated and tasteful with your accents and for all you know this could be the thing that keeps you in the interviewer’s mind when the final decision is made.

If you are applying to a more creative position then outfit details matter slightly more. You can keep shoes smart and opt for a bold accessory choice, or alternatively if the situation is right then a high end (clean) sneaker paired with a smart suit could do the trick.

For Men

Infamously well-dressed journalist George Frazier once stated:

Want to know if a guy is well dressed? Look down.

Wearing brand new shoes can cause you discomfort and unnecessary angst before a big interview so invest in a good pair of smart shoes, even if they are a little more expensive than you would usually spend, and take some time breaking them in. Although you may find after a week of work you are back in your favourite casual attire it is important to have a reliable smart shoe in your wardrobe, and a dress shoe is a multi-use investment.

If you feel something more casual is appropriate then a brown shoe or desert boot can work well too. If you are moving in to a more creative industry a more casual dress code may apply, but it always looks professional to dress smart for the initial meeting. Ensure leather shoes have any scuff marks polished out, investing in a handy polish set is an easy way to ensure this never happens.

After choosing the right shoe carefully selecting your socks is not something that should be overlooked and mismatched, dirty, damaged or slouching hosiery makes a bad impression. Instead of white ankle socks, select knee or mid-length dress socks in a neutral colour to match your shoes, and ensure you select socks with elastic to prevent them from slouching and checking socks for holes, loose strings and lint is necessary to ensure you look your smartest.

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