The AllSole Guide To Festival Footwear

Summer festivals are today on a par with the catwalk in their ability to influence contemporary fashion trends. In that respect, festivals have almost become fashion’s version of Tough Mudder: a near-impossible task to pull off, but one we nevertheless embrace with a child-like enthusiasm. Whether your summer adventures will be taking you to, Bestival, Isle of Wight or Reading and Leeds festival, you can be sure that the weather will throw up a sartorial conundrum for your planned attire. To ensure your festival outfits are bang on trend this summer, the AllSole style editors offer our guide to the best festival footwear to bring along to the fields and farms of the UK.

Glastonbury Festival

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If you’re heading to a festival in the UK, the chances are that you will face the weather of all four seasons over the course of your weekend. That said, we’ve decided to split our footwear festival guide up into four sections based on the forecasted weather for your festival. The key to your festival outfits will be preparation, so we would recommend you check the outlook up until the last minute and tailor your choice to the predicted forecast.

Four Season Festival

From torrential rain to glorious sunshine in the same afternoon, there is nothing like British weather to keep you on your toes. If the forecast is looking unpredictable, the best plan of action is to prepare for the worst. Hunter have carved themselves out a reputation as the ultimate festival wellies for both men and women, and it’s easy to see why; worn by the likes of Lady Diana and more recently Kate Moss, Hunter have a 160 year heritage of crafting premium quality rubber footwear with outstanding robustness—crucial for festivals.

Showers and Sporadic Sunshine

While rain is pretty much inevitable at British festivals, you may also be treated to some pleasant spots of sunshine. Rain may mean mud, but you also won’t want to go too heavy on the footwear and end up with overheated, uncomfortable feet as you dance into the night. We recommend a more breathable low-top silhouette that will allow you to catch some sun when it comes out but still set on a chunky, durable sole to protect against all that mud. Dr. Martens are the obvious contender, becoming a popular choice of festival footwear over the years both for its robust construction as well as for its retro, subculture vibes. A classic pair of ‘1461’ shoes is a solid choice for both sexes that easily has the personality to forgo all that mud, while the brand also offers a good selection of brogues and boots whose perforations were originally designed to drain water away—how convenient!

High and Dry

If by some miracle you’re heading to a rain-free festival, then you can start thinking about fashion-forward looks from some of this summer’s hottest trends. For the ladies, ugly sandals are an essential. Similarity the chunky trainer is another staple for the season and a perfect addition to your festival packing!

Clear Skies and Sunshine

A long shot, we know, but a sun-drenched summer festival offers endless exciting fashion potential. Sandals are an essential, whether you prefer sliders, strappy sandals or flip flops we’re the the answer to all your sandal needs.

For the gents, Birkenstock’s celebrated ‘Arizona’ sandals blend on-trend style with ergonomic comfort perfect for long stretches on your feet, while a quality pair of loafers by the likes of Bass Weejuns will give you a sophisticated edge over your fellow festival-goers, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.





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Sarah Atkinson

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