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AW20 is here and our summer footwear is being replaced by a whole host of new season styling opportunities, and this season we’re celebrating our self expression. Inspired by her colourful and contemporary print designs, we asked Louise of Manchester based Naftys what Express Yourself means to her as well as what influences her artwork and her style.

How long have you been creating your artwork for?

I started out in fashion design but have gradually moved into graphics and found that is where I get my real kick. Naftys started about three years ago, however was doing a lot of crazy collages before that for years, you can see on my insta page.

How did you get started?

Getting involved with Manchester Psych Fest, doing line up posters and the branding for them. Music is a huge part of the creative process of my designs, I have been doing exhibitions at festivals for a few years. I feel like my artwork grows with what music I am currently into!

How would you describe your artwork?

Like a porthole into a happy place in my mind, it used to be vert psychedelic, however recently I have been playing with more abstract colours and surreal landscapes.

Do you have any artistic influences that you look to for inspiration?

I’ve always been a huge fan of the classic Rothko, his colours are so warm and make me feel all fuzzy. I’ve always been fascinated by album art. Storm Thorgerson creates these dream like surreal worlds which are ace, Peter Blake also makes me happy.



Do you feel that your personal style is influenced by your artwork?

100% I’ve always thought style, music and your hobbies all go hand in hand and its constantly evolving throughout your life. Grabbing influence from all different areas that make you buzz and feel fuzzy.

What’s your go-to footwear?

Dr Martens have been a main staple since my teens, they never get old. Been loving my sandals throughout summer, so I’ll be gutted to put them away, although we can always do socks and sandals!

Your prints are the perfect addition to contemporary interiors, are you also into homeware and interior design too?

Oh for sure, i’ve been moving around a lot for the last 10 years so not had the chance to really invest, however recently got our first house so I’ve been doing a lot of research into this in the last year,.I think my next print range will be reflected by this so watch out! Loads of go-to pages on Instagram, @gustafwestman, my mates brand slowdiscoclub. She’s just starting with some groovy candles and some great inspo pics on her page, I also love shrimpshouse and slowdown studio too.

Which is your favourite look from the campaign?

Ohhh tricky one, I’m going to go with my all-time fave – the Dr Martens. They’re a different shape to usual but they are solid! I could walk around the world in them and also have a top night out in them, winner winner chicken dinner!


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