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Students, we heard you! We asked you what shoes you are looking for this freshers to put your student discount towards and well, we loved your picks. Here’s the rundown of your prefered styles, colourways and brands, and well it is safe to say you have good taste. We have also added recommendations of the back off your votes that we think you might like.

# Winner 1 – Closed Toe Slippers 

Ugg Slippers


You can’t go to university without a trusty pair of slippers, and you all choose wisely picking a closed toes style as your favourite. Comfort is king, so here are some other recommendations of your preferred style.

# Winner 2 – Neutral Styles 

Neutral Vans

Neutrals were a clear favourite over a more colourful option. Perfect for any occasion whether you are rocking around campus or meeting up with friends, getting yourself a trainer that you can dress up or down is a great idea.

# Winner 3 – Platform Boots 

Dr Marten Boots


Then throwing it out to the girls, we asked you whether you were going for a heeled boot or a chunky platform and, we got the vibe. Keeping it cool, casual and comfortable, you can’t go wrong with a flat platform boot. Here are some other styles that have an essential wardrobe status.

# Winner 4 – High Top Sneakers 

High Top Converse


Everyone owns a pair of classic sneakers, whether you are a vans lover or live in your converse. These are the power players that never go out of fashion. Throwing it to you, we asked if you prefer a low top style or a high top and it was close, but the high-top styles won. So here are some top-line picks for your everyday wardrobe.

# Winner 5 – Veja Campos 

Veja Campo


Lastly, we got your opinion on Veja styles, the IT shoe of the moment. Known for their high-style reputation and sustainable ethos, you picked the Campo style, and we can see why. Worn with jeans, chinos, skirts or dresses, these are a pair of trainers that you can live in for the whole term.


Written by Holly Thompson

Featured Image Credit – @lv_irx

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Writer and expert