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Complete Crocs Buyer’s Guide | The ‘Ugly Shoe’ Comeback

They are the marmite of the shoe world, whether you love or hate them, there is no denying they have officially made a comeback. Making it onto the catwalk, Crocs is the global success story that capitalised on the ‘ugly’ shoe trend and leveraged pop culture to make them as current as ever. 

Here is our Complete Crocs Guide answering your most asked questions, what Crocs are made of, how to style them and their most iconic collaborations. 

What are crocs are made from


What are crocs? 

Crocs are the foam fabric, slip-on shoe that has divided opinions for the last 20 years. Known for their playful, comfort-first fashion they are often described as ‘the world’s ugliest shoe’. From avid fishers to city girls who love their bling, there is certainly not one specific target market when it comes to Crocs. 

Who launched Crocs? 

Scott Seamans, Lydon “Duke” Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr. founded Crocs in 2001. Inspired by a foam clog that a Canadian brand created. The first model they launched was the Beach. A boating shoe with plenty of grip on the sole, made from waterproof material, and with protection for your foot. 

What are Crocs made of? 

Crocs are made of a patented foam called Croslite, which means they can be worn on land and in water. The foam material is actually exclusive to Crocs and is a closed-cell resin, not plastic or rubber. It is odour-resistant and non-toxic and is known not to leave marks even after an extended period of wearing. Croslite resists fungal and bacterial growth too as the material is anti-microbial nature. 

The brand further innovated on Croslite in 2018, creating LiteRide. The material is 25% lighter and 30% softer than Croslite and still provides shock absorption and support. Showing that there is actually more science behind the trusty Croc than you would assume. 

what are crocs made of


Why are Crocs called Crocs? 

Yes, the name was in fact inspired by the crocodile, the reptilian animal that can roam on land and in water. If you have ever seen Crocs in the colour green, you could argue there are some resemblances in aesthetics as well. 

Croc Collaborations 

In recent years the marketing team at Crocs have resurrected Crocs through collaborations with some of the most followed artists and influencers. The collaboration with Post Malone saw the yellow Crocs with barbed wire drop in 2018. 

Justin Bieber x Crocs

Photo credit: Hypebeast

This year, Justin Bieber collaborated with the brand for the second time with a lilac croc with Jibbitz charms. Making socks and Crocs a thing, the collaboration was a complete sellout. Although Victoria Beckham shared her gifted pair in her stories, stating she wouldn’t be seen dead in them. 

What are Jibbitz charms?

Jibbitz charms are customized shoe charms and gems that you use to customize your Crocs. Jibbitz was started by a husband and wife after trying to amuse their children by decorating their Crocs. Starting out in their basement selling mini faux flowers, buttons and other accessories, Crocs bought Jibbitz in 2006. They bought the homegrown brand for $10 million with another $10 million if they met future goals. Now over 15 years later, they work hand in hand with the Jibbitz charms being a major selling point for Crocs.

Styling Crocs Guide 

There are certainly no rules when it comes to Crocs styling. Some opt for them on loungewear, laid-back kind of days but others love to jazz them up and wear them as a going-out shoe. So, here’s some Croc guide style inspiration…

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What are crocs made of


#2 @opheliecht 

how do crocs fit


#3 @julbng

what are crocs made of


#4 @lucyyates16

How do crocs fit?

Crocs are true to size; there is no need to size up or down when buying a pair. They are a wide fit, designed to give you maximum comfort so even if you have a wide foot there’s no need to size up. The main two types of Crocs fits are Roomy Fit and Relaxed Fit. Although both of these fits are wide designs, the Roomy Fit is the wider of the two.

Why do Crocs have 2 sizes? 

Crocs come in two sizes, one for men and one for women. The M stands for Men and the W stands for W. The sizes will look like M6W7 for example, which means that it is a Men’s size 6 and a women’s size 7.

Crocs Size Guides 

If need some more guidance on sizing make sure you take a look at the Crocs size guides.

Crocs Adult & Kids Size Guides 

How to clean Crocs? 

The fabric that Crocs are made out of does not absorb sweat so is relatively easy to clean. Start by rinsing your Crocs and then using a mild soap and warm water, use a sponge or small brush to remove the direct. Working in circular motions, your Crocs should clean up nicely.


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