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The Dr Martens Sandal Guide

Dr Martens sandals in recent years, have come to rival the iconic 1460 dr marten boots. You will struggle to find a better investment for their quality and longevity through the summer months. They will still look box fresh after you have you can quite literally wear them to death. Looking through the collection, here’s everything you need to know about the fit, size and more in our Dr Martens sandal guide. 
Dr Martens sandals guide

Are Dr Martens sandals good for your feet? 

Dr Martens have manufactured boots for over 70 years. Their boots were highly preferable for workers due to their well-made quality of its boots. The stiff upper leather and chunky flexible outsole ensure comfort and this is the case when it comes to their sandals. These sandals are extremely cushioned and protective of the sole of your foot, which is not often the case with sandals. They are also very supportive, you don’t need to cling on to them with your toes when walking. 

Are Dr Marten's sandals comfortable?

The main problem with Dr Martens sandals is similar to their boots which is that the heels rub your foot. Dr Martens with the ankle component will need more wearing in. For example, the Clarissa sandal has a similar heel to that which you find in the Dr Marten Jadon boots (notoriously difficult to break in), meaning that persistence is key to making these comfortable. You can get the pebbled leather option which is a softer and more buttery leather that gives a bit more give when wearing them in. 
Dr martens sandal guide
At the other end of the spectrum, the Myles sandal takes on a slide-like silhouette, with no heel strap whatsoever, meaning the chance of rubbing is non-existent. You could even opt for more of a mule shape if you wanted to give your ankles a break. The Carlson mule has a strap you can wear forwards or back.If you’re searching for something that’s particularly comfortable underfoot, then the foam-like cushioning in the Voss sandal is extremely lightweight, even on the “Quad” platform silhouettes. Similarly, the Blaire sandal features a moulded footbed that suits the shape of your foot perfectly making it a good choice. 
Dr Marten sandals guide

Are Dr Marten's sandals waterproof? 

No, Doc Martens are not fully waterproof. For that, you might consider a rubber boot or duck boot, which has a vulcanized rubber sole. Doc Martens are however quite weather-resistant, meaning the iconic gum rubber sole is highly durable and can stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Are Dr Marten's sandals true to size? Are Dr Martens wide for your feet? 

The Dr Martens sandals are not overly wide for your foot although they have a chunky appearance. They are true to size but if you sit in the middle of sizes then we would recommend sizing up to help you with breaking them in. So just to be clear if you are sometimes a 5 ½ then size up to a size 6. 
Dr Marten sandal guide

Do Dr Martens sandals stretch?

Over time your Dr Marten sandals will become more comfortable and mould to your foot but the leather doesn’t overly stretch. The pebbled leather in comparison to the patent leather will always have more give but the sandals shouldn’t stretch as such. 

How long do Dr Martens sandals take to wear in? 

If you are persistent and wear them around the house or out and about in small stints you can wear them in within 2-3 weeks. Dr martens actually sell their own specialised socks as well to help you with the process. 

How to break in your Dr Martens sandals?  

  • Wear your sandals around the house with thick socks.
  • Take short, frequent walks to soften the leather but lower the risk of blisters.
  • Wear blister plasters with sandals before the blisters have started.
  • Use Dr Martens’ Wonder Balm to help soften the leather so it’s less likely to hurt your feet.
  • If you’re still having trouble, try rubbing Vaseline into the leather to help soften the panels.
  • Add Vaseline to any rubbing points before wearing to avoid blisters.
Dr Marten sandal guide

Dr Marten Size Guide 

Womens Size Guide 

3 5 36 22
4 6 37 23
5 7 38 24
6 8 39 25
6.5 8.5 40 25.5
7 9 41 26
8 10 42 27
9 11 43 28

Mens Size Guide 

UK USA Europe Japan
6 7 39 25
6.5 7.5 40 25.5
7 8 41 26
8 9 42 27
9 10 43 28
9.5 10.5 44 29
10 11 45 30
11 12 46 31
12 13 47
13 14 48
14 15 49.5
15 16 50.5

Dr Marten sandal style guide 


The Blaire Sandal
  • Lightweight ripple sole with a durable Goodyear welt
  • Slight wedge for height and a padded collar for comfort.
  • Adjustable buckle strap at the ankle
  • 100% Coated leather
The Voss Sandal 
  • Made from supple Pisa leather, it sits on a super light Ziggy sole,
  • Our Zebrilus sole is built from a super-lightweight EVA material with a rugged ripple tread.
  • Goodyear is welted and stacked for all-day comfort, stability and attitude.
  • Goodyear-welted lines are heat-sealed and reinforced with our signature welt stitch
The Olson Sandal 
  • Designed with a brand new gladiator-style upper, they’re made from our soft, smash-hit Milled Nappa leather.
  • Front zip and adjustable buckles give the sandals easy on/easy off access, and Docs DNA is reinforced with yellow welt stitching
  • Adjustable straps
  • Goodyear-welted lines are heat-sealed at 700°C and reinforced with our signature welt stitch
The Clarrisa Quad Sandal 
  • Fitted with 3 front straps and an extra-large ankle strap with a contrast gunmetal buckle.
  • The hard-hitting Clarissa is welt stitched to our 1.5” Quad Shore platform sole. Tagged with an AirWair heel loop.
  • Platform height: 1.5''
  • Our Goodyear-welted lines are heat-sealed at 700˚C and reinforced with our signature welt stitch

Head over to our YouTube channel for a close-up on the details.

Dr Martens sandal guide


Fishermen Sandal 
  • Complete with soft leather uppers and an adjustable double buckle design.
  • Gladiator-style sandal with cut-out straps, a signature pull-tab, contrast yellow stitching and a lightweight rubber outsole.
  • 100% leather
  • Buckle fastening
  • Round toe, interwoven T-bar strap, pull tabs, contrast stitching, logo-embossed buckles, cushioned sole
Pearson Sandal
  • Made from hardwearing poly, ripstop and webbing and sitting on a light-yet-rugged Tract outsole, these all-new sandals are breathable enough for the hottest months.
  • Tagged with mock welt stitching, the sandals have DM’s branded hardware and a scripted AirWair heel loop.
  • Element is a split leather with a fine geometric embossed pattern
  • Webbing is a tough, synthetic material that's a fusion of polyester and a strong cotton-mixed web
  • Made with a comfortable, durable cemented construction
Forster Sandal
  • Made from hardwearing Poly, Ripstop and Webbing and sitting on a light-yet-rugged Tract outsole, these all-new sandals are breathable enough for the hottest months.
  • Tagged with mock welt stitching and a scripted AirWair heel loop.
  • Element is a split leather with a fine geometric embossed pattern
  • Made with a comfortable, durable cemented construction


Buyer's Guide

A Buyer’s Guide to Dr. Martens

Everything you need to know about breaking in your Docs, getting the perfect size and styling your new pair.

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