Why Shoes Should Be The Most Expensive Part of Your Wardrobe

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution claims that the modern man has developed through descent with modification, with each new generation becoming more intelligent and adapted to its environment than the last. Nevertheless, there are some choices or tastes in the modern world that force us to question the validity of the Theory of Evolution. Whether it be a taste for quirky foodstuffs or a fondness for obscure ‘80s dance pop songs, it is fair to say that we all have that one inexplicable trait. But one of the most puzzling 21st century choices we’ve noticed at AllSole is the attention, or more correctly lack of attention, that we afford our choice of footwear.

In times gone by, your choice of shoes was crucial to your outfit, your appearance and how you were perceived by your peers. Sunday afternoons or evenings would be spent at home polishing your finest footwear ready for the week ahead. Yet today, while most of us are willing to splash the cash on that head-turning little black dress or slim-fitting suit, our choice in shoes can often be left as almost an afterthought to the rest of your outfit. In a plea to correct this mishap, we offer five reasons why your shoes deserve to be the most expensive part of your wardrobe.

  1. Shoes are the first thing you will be judged on

    Whether it is at an interview or for your first date, studies claim that the first thing you are judged on when you meet somebody for the first time is your choice of shoes. Great new shoes mean great first impressions.

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    Shoes can be the standout piece of every outfit

    With finely crafted shoes, the devil is often in the detail. Premium material constructions and detailing in the way of stitching, brogue perforations or embellishments can transform shoes from being the finishing touch to the focal point of your outfit.

  3. A good pair of shoes is endlessly versatile

    Whereas an expensive dress or shirt might only be suitable for dressing up for special occasions, a high-quality pair of shoes can offer the versatility to take you from work, to formal occasions, to a dinner out with friends and family. Having a selection of 10 or more pairs of shoes is an entirely modern phenomenon; save yourself both money and space in the home by instead carefully selecting 4-5 pairs of beautiful, versatile shoes that will see you through every occasion with class.

  4. High-quality shoes will last you a lifetime

    The higher price of a premium pair of shoes compensates for the quality of the construction and the level of craftsmanship that goes into making the shoe. You can rest assured that your shoes will be of the highest quality, without any defects, and that your shoes will last you for many years as long as you look after them.

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    Timeless Styles

    The more expensive silhouettes in a shoemakers’ collection are more than likely to be timeless styles that can be worn for years without ever going out of fashion. From heels and Chelsea boots to Oxfords and brogues, purchasing a premium quality pair of shoes is an investment that will stand the test of time.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert