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Seasonal ‘Mini-Me’ Matches at AllSole

Long gone are the days where we solely look to celebrities and fashion magazines for our style inspiration. The past few years have seen a huge rise in the power of ‘influencers’, and more and more of us are favouring Instagram over the runways to determine the next hottest trend. This change in influence has become so consuming that it is has even been passed down through families, and into the wardrobes of many children. It had been estimated that around 71% of mums and dads up and down the country are now thought to be spending more on styling their children than they are on styling themselves.

Our favourite kids styling phenomenon of late is the ‘mini-me’ trend – where parents replicate their own style by transforming their child into a carbon copy (albeit a cuter version). Why does this work so well? Because of the strong emotional connection and sense of nostalgia it evokes. And really, on the reverse side, for a child, who is going to be a bigger inspiration than their parents?

With new baby, toddler and children’s shoe ranges launching on AllSole regularly, including brands such as Vans, UGG, and Timberland, we have picked out our favourite matching pairs to get you twinning this winter season





Dr. Martens







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By Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed


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