What Shoes to Wear with Black Jeans

For Women it’s (relatively) simple, add a simple heel or ankle boot to any trouser for immediate style elevation. Now rest assured a woman still needs a lot longer to think about, prepare and plan the rest of the outfit, but it is certainly notable that men have a tougher time when it comes to dress codes. A staple wardrobe item, the black jean is a necessity whether it be skinny, straight, cropped, pin rolled or other, and with it comes a world of opportunity.

With the ability to be dressed up or down, the big question is: what shoes to wear to create this difference in look? We’ve put together the ultimate guide for what shoes to wear with black jeans, to ensure you step out in style every time this season.

Before choosing your shoes, it’s important to know what fit and style of jean suits you best. A pair of jeans are an investment, and cost per wear is more than important, so opting for a slightly more expensive brand brings greater quality and durability. Once you have this all you need is the shoes to match and to register this important nugget of advice: baggy jeans cannot be worn with dress shoes and skinny jeans can rarely be worn with very chunky shoes. Now although there are obviously (minor) exceptions to these it’s best to take those as a given and the rest is, as they say, history. Buckle up because we’re here to dispel the ‘no brown shoes’ myth, talk posh trainers and which boots to wear for any and every occasion. We have opted to segment by occasion as we know it’s that time of year where all the invites come flooding in and barely any winter shopping has been done.


Realistically there’s no occasion these days that’s really deemed as ‘smart’. Many millennials would like to believe their black jeans are a smart option and we’d do well to agree because, unless black tie is specified, a smart pair of black jeans do well for most events. Whether your style is super skinny or baggy, it is easy enough to pair a nice boot with dark coloured jeans and we’re here to tell you that those boots don’t have to be black. Wearing lighter colours on your feet helps to break up bulk, if you are slightly shorter, then opting for a lighter boot will avoid looking bottom heavy and define your look. If you’re a keen skinny jeans wearer, then opting for a smart Chelsea boot is always a staple.




Smart Casual

Whether its clearly defined or the unwritten rule, Smart Casual dressing takes front and centre stage almost every time. Luckily here, trainers can be justified, just as long as they are clean and in good health.

With baggy jeans, a chunkier style is best, to keep feet in proportion with the hem and if you prefer to wear the hem of your jeans down then a loafer works well to finish off a smart casual look. If you opt to roll up the bottoms of your jeans (note: two finger width roles are usually effective, don’t pin roll baggy jeans), then a staple clean cut, higher end trainer, is definitely on the cards. If you’re not the trainer type, a bare foot and loafer looks great to smarten up jeans without going overboard.




Black jeans and black shoes definitely work best for a more casual look, for any skinny or slim fit jean a smart black trainer goes a long way to keep your look clean and adaptable to anything from a simple sweater to a t-shirt and jacket.

For more of a shoe style with all the comfort of a trainer, a brown leather hybrid or lightweight loafer style works perfectly.

So if you felt you were losing hope for how to transition from winter hibernation mode to full blown socialising mode, it’s time to let your toes do the talking this season.

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2018-02-08 13:02:51By Alex Neilson-Clark

By Alex Neilson-Clark

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