Your Top 5 Festival Boots

With festival season in full swing, whether consciously or not you are definitely already thinking about your outfit, the weather and all the other factors that are inevitably going to effect your day. In order to achieve those ‘gram-worthy photos whilst still managing to bounce around comfortably and remain dry the most important factor is most certainly your shoes. From weather-aware to Instagram stylised, we’ve covered all the bases in the one bite-size list to ensure you have everything you need for your wildest weekend yet.


1 | Classic

The Dr. Marten is a go-to festival shoe worn by ravers throughout time, from members of The Who to 80s mod gangs they offer 8 eyelets of pure fun.

2 | Sturdy Style

With retro trends back for good Timberland‘s re-emerge as a sturdy Dad-shoe to compliment any look from denim shorts to floral gowns, for a bold and burley take festival trends.

3 | Cowgirl Charm

If your western style can come to life anywhere its in the fields of festival heaven, pair with suede, embellishment and tassles for ultimate effect.

4 | Staple Statement

Who says wellies have to be boring? Short Hunter boots are here stay since Alexa Chung said so, opt for a bright pop of colour to stand out in every crowd.

5 | Biker Babe

Biker boots are made for mud, its time to muck these up and let the rebel girl inside you to out to play.


1 | Go-to

Trend’s come and go but Doc’s are here to stay, for anything from shorts to dungarees or jeans wearing in a pair of DM’s is finding a companion for life.

2 | Subtle Style

Black Timberland‘s are a modern take on a retro trend, wearable in any situation but especially great for one containing this much mud.

3 | Khaki Kicks

Where mud is concerned opting for a colour close to the cause can be the best decision you ever made, trust us.

4 | Weatherproof

A simple go-to for any situation, a classic pair of Hunter‘s will not only stand the test of time but will allow your trousers to live a life after your wild weekend.

5 | Style meets Sensible

The ultimate hybrid, satisfy your stylised edge and sensible self all in one easy hit with this modern take on a wellington boot.

Festival Style from Coachella


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2018-04-20 13:13:44By Georgia Leitch

By Alex Neilson-Clark

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