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6 of the best Dr Martens collaborations

Best known for their firm position in culture, Dr Martens are an institution, a staple for musicians, artists, and the fashion crowd alike. Becoming symbolic of rebellion and individuality, Dr Martens are all about celebrating the misfits and outsiders and being found on the feet of the musicians and artists we all look to. A perfect display of this spirit is their extensive collaborative history, working with everyone and everything, from galleries to legendary bands and even other designers. Taking you through the most beloved and sought after, here are the best Dr Martens collabs. 

Best Dr Martens Collabs

  • Dr Martens x Keith Haring
  • Dr Martens x Joy Division
  • Dr Martens x Lazy Oaf
  • Dr Martens x Museum Collection
  • Dr Martens x Marc Jacobs
  • Dr Martens x Jean-Michel Basquiat

#1 Dr Martens X Keith Haring

Dr Martens x Keith Haring Collab

The epitome of power and striking artistry, even those who may not recognise his name will recognise his work. Dr Martens latest instalment is a celebration of the late Keith Haring, the iconic American artist and social activist. The first collaboration sees Dr Martens Original silhouettes printed with Haring's iconic works. The perfect tribute to an icon who spent his life fighting for the oppressed, his symbolic illustrations continue to ignite power decades on. Originating on the walls of the 1980 NYC subways, Haring's work sprung up around the world and with it came the message that "art is for everyone". A message that is still echoed through his artwork and legacy, now visualised through the 1460 boot and 1461 shoe.

#2 Dr Martens X Joy Division  

Dr Martens collab Joy Divison

Maybe one of the most perfect collaborations ever, in 2018 Dr Martens released a range remixing the iconic 1460 boot. Customising them with artwork from two of the UK's most influential bands; Joy Divison and the band that rose out of their ashes, New Order. This Dr Martens collab brings together the boots and the music scene that gave them life, decorating the boots with motifs from three of the biggest rock albums ever made; Power, Corruption & Lies, Technique and the iconic Unknown Pleasures. Pairs of the Unknown Pleasures 1460 boot now resell for more than double their retail price as people are desperate to get their hands on one of the most sought after Dr Martens collabs.

#3 Dr Martens X Lazy Oaf 

Dr Martens Lazy Oaf boots

Now onto their 3rd collaboration, Dr Martens and Lazy Oaf are a match made in heaven. Lazy Oaf nostalgia infused, teenage rebellion branding perfectly complements the Dr Martens shape, so you’d be forgiven for thinking these were simply part of the core range. Adding little details like heart buckles and splashes of bubblegum pink, these collabs Lazy Oaf and Dr Martens collabs always sell out at lightning speed. 

#4 Dr Martens X Museums Collection

dr martens collab art


In their ongoing museums collection, Dr Martens are dipping their toes into the fine art world, collaborating with major galleries like the Tate to customise their boots with the classics. As something a bit different to any of the other Dr Martens collabs, this collab saw painting fulling taking over the shoe, treating the leather as a canvas and painting them over with famous renaissance and 19th-century pieces from artists including William Blake and Bosch. A must-have collab for any art appreciator.  

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#5 Dr Martens X Marc Jacobs 

Marc Jacobs dr martens

Combining two powerhouses of the fashion industry, the 2018 Dr Martens x Marc Jacobs collab was sure to be big. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Marc Jacobs’ groundbreaking 1993 Redux Grunge collection, this Dr Martens collab revamped the 1460 boot with Marc Jacobs’ grunge glamour. Coming in four different colours, Marc Jacobs stripped back the classic boot to simple one-tone patent leather, simultaneously dressing the shoe up and taking it down to the basics. Pair them with a dress, a grown or a pair of beaten up jeans and this Dr Martens collab will still look great.  

#6 Dr Martens X Jean-Michel Basquiat 

Dr Martens Basquiat

One of the most recent Dr Martens collabs and perfectly in the spirit of rebellion, the brand collaborated on a collection paying tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat, an iconic painter that exploded into the art world in the early 80s. Famously a member of the 27 club, Basquiat left behind an incredible amount of work in his short life and a legacy of being a rule-breaker and a rebel with his art focussing on politics, race and raging against injustice. The Dr Martens collab splashes the boots with his most famous motifs such as the crown, dinosaur and sketch-style drawings from three of his most well-known pieces; Beat Bop, Dustheads and Pez Dispenser.  


Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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