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6 Box Room Ideas | How To Decorate Your Rented Room

Decorating your box room can be a little tricky. Perhaps you're struggling with how to make it work as a modern office space, whilst still feeling like a cosy place you want to relax and unwind in at the end of the day. Fear not, there are plenty of small things you can do to decorate without risking your deposit.

With our box room ideas, we're making sure you can do everything you need to in yours. From space-saving storage to desk essentials - we've asked the experts at AllSole for their tips and tricks...

Large plant and framed prints in box room

#1 Trick the eye with mirrors

It can feel difficult to make your box room feel anything other than dull and drab at times. Sure, your space might be limited, but that doesn't mean you can't create a fab room that LOOKS big - right?! Mirrors are a key feature to have in any box room. Investing in a large floor-standing mirror will instantly make your room feel bigger, improve your lighting and will make for a quick fix in terms of styling. Add in some smaller, decorative mirrors to balance the space too.

Homeware next to cushions and large mirror

#2 Adopt some easygoing plants

Don't let a compact space stop you from being a plant-mom! Plants are the perfect way to breathe new life into a room. There are plenty of plants that are easy to nurture in small spaces, making for the perfect roommate (Cacti and Succulents shouldn't let you down). Plus, pots and plant stands are another easy way to decorate with no risk, no commitment and no difficulty - which is perfect for rented accommodation.

Large plant in uni room


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#3 Make it yours!

Remember that you don't have to stick to the latest trend or Instagram phase, this is your space! There's so much that can be done with the things you have lying under your bed and the books on your shelves.


Framed art prints and magazines

Find beauty in the ordinary and get cracking. You could create a side table with your magazine collection or display your favourite accessories on a bookshelf instead of flinging them into a cupboard. You don't have to display your favourite prints in a wall-gallery, try leaning them against a bare wall and watch the space improve.

#4 Create a workspace that you LOVE

If one thing is for certain, it's that a functional workspace is vital to tackling your studies and to-do lists. Having clear zones set out for both work and play will help you to stay focused and productive in your box room. 

Introducing a comfortable office chair is vital for replicating the library and staying focused. Add some cute scatter cushions to keep that cosy bedroom feeling, or use a throw or blanket to disguise any furniture you didn't choose yourself. A cute water bottle, mug & coaster will help you to stay hydrated and track your intake (drinking more water will keep the headaches away and boost your productivity!)

Desk organisation

Be sure to keep any notebooks, pens and stickies beautifully stored and you'll feel much better for it - consider some funky crates to add a splash of colour to your small office space.

#5 Stylish storage

Being clever with your storage can save a lot of your precious space. It also avoids any potential floordrobe situations from occurring. After a day of making headway on your projects, you're going to want to relax - and keeping your box room tidy and organised will certainly help with this.


Clothes rails storage shelf

Introducing some free-standing clothing rails will give you that extra hanging space as well as creating the ideal spot to display your favourite pieces. Over-the-door racks are also a great way to stay organised and clear up some floor space. You can use adhesive fixtures to display some of your lighter objects like your bags or hollow shelves, but be sure to take special care when doing this - and don't pile too much on!

You can also make everyday items multi-use - stacking stools are a clever way to save space, and they also make super cute bedside tables and extra seating for your guests.


Two bedside tables

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#6 Beautiful lighting

Beautiful lighting is multifunctional. Warm, low light can immediately make you feel relaxed whereas brighter light can help with boosting your focus and productivity in your box room. 

Floor lamp and bedside lamp

Floor lamps are a great way to curate a feature corner, try swapping out your basic lightbulb for something a little more decorative (like a filament) and highlight some of your favourite treasures. For your bedside, opt for a circular /globe shape rather than a spotlight - as well as instantly improving the space, you'll feel comforted and at ease. Try light therapy products - if you struggle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), try a light that is designed to boost your mood and energy levels and improve sleep.


Bedside lamp with candle


Ciara Martin
Ciara Martin Writer and expert

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