Vans x Harry Potter | Which Sneaker Are You?

Calling all Harry Potter fans! We’ve got something right up your Diagon alley. Teaming up with the wizarding world, Vans have launched their Vans x Harry Potter collection of footwear, apparel and accessorises.

Vans x Harry Potter

Vans x Harry Potter

Vans and Harry Potter have teamed up to create a collection of footwear, apparel and accessories for witches, wizards and muggles. It can be tricky to pick which of the new collection to get, so we’ve put together this quiz to help you make the all important decision, don’t forget to make a note of your answers. Happy quizzing.

#1 When choosing a new pair of sneakers, what do you look for most?

A. Colour – If it comes in black I’ll take a pair, the darker the better

B. Comfort – ankle support please for when I’m battling the dementors

C. Craftsmanship – has it been made from the finest fabrics?

D. Don’t really mind

#2 What is your favourite class?

A. History of Magic

B. Defence Against the Dark Arts

C. Potions

D. Herbology

#3 You spot one of your classmates using an enchanted quill in your end of year exams, what do you do?

A. They get a fist bump for sneaking it in to the exam and getting away with it!

B. Cheating is wrong, I’m telling the professor.

C. As long as I come top of the class I don’t mind, but if they beat me I’m telling the professor.

D. Encourage them to admit what they did to the professor.

#4 If you were to be described in one word…

A. Cunning

B. Courageous

C. Intelligent

D. Loyal

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#5 You’ve been told you’re allowed a pet, what do you go for?

A. I can’t be bothered to look after one, I’ll spend my time mastering charms thank you very much.

B. 100% an owl

C. Dog

D. Cat

#6 What do you see in the Mirror of Erised?

A. Myself in an all powerful position, surrounded by my riches

B. Winning the Quidditch World Cup

C. Graduating from Hogwarts with flying colours after a dedicated 7 years of studying

D. Myself surrounded by friends and family

#7 Which of your skills are you most proud of?

A. My ability to get what I want

B. My athletic ability

C. My ability to absorb information

D. My ability to keep secrets


Mostly A

You’re most likely to to be slithering into these Slytherin socks and backpack.

Mostly B

You really wand these Gryffindor sneakers and backpack!

Mostly C

Witch sneakers? These sneakers! You’re a Ravenclaw!

Mostly D

No spells needed, you’ll be enchanted by these Hufflepuff sneakers!




Written by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Writer and expert